Big Dog Bedhog


There are four dog beds in our living room. This golden retriever likes to sleep on them all.

At the same time.


Is there a canine bedhog in your house?

About Crystal K. Wiebe

I live with two formerly wayward dogs, and helping other dogs find new homes is my passion. I recently founded the company Beer Paws to help celebrate the relationship between people and pets.

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  1. Does he actually move them so they’re all stacked like that?? If so, what a genius ;)

  2. Silly Luke. :) He’s just trying to show the crew what’s up. Ha! Say hi to all three handsome doggy friends.

  3. Luke, you’re my kind of pup! There’s nothing wrong with seeking out the most comfortable spots!

  4. LOL that is so cute. I do have certain felines who are bed hogs. And when they notice another cat in a bed that’s not the one they’re in, they have to go check it out!

  5. Oh…I know a couple of human-bed stealing canines!

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