Honor the Legacy of a Rescuer

The Kansas City rescue community lost a devoted den mother a few days ago.


A heart of gold.

Vanessa Melchert was active with various rescue organizations, including Midwest Adopt-a-Bull, and helped save a lot of animals over the years.

As her friend Staci puts it, Vanessa

“…never cared about any of the political crap that can come with rescue and she truly cared about the dogs and about saving lives. Vanessa saved so many and did so much even when she was sick. She fought hard for so many dogs and she always liked to raise a little cain about BSL too. God got a good one this weekend. I know she is dancing at the Rainbow Bridge with all her fur babies. “

I did not get to know Vanessa well, but I will always remember the first time we met.

It was an adoption event.

She was there with a sweet, long-legged pup named Tobias. I was there with my ill-fated, handsome foster boy Charlie Machete.

Vanessa could tell I was struggling with my situation. I’m sure she could see that I would be hard-pressed to find another home for that tragic animal. But she understood why I had to try and why I believed in him.

And she wouldn’t let me leave that day without a long hug.

I’d like to think Charlie Machete greeted Vanessa with a sloppy kiss at the Rainbow Bridge and – along with so many other creatures – will keep her company until her fur kids can join her.

Vanessa left behind two pit bulls – a 14-year-old named William Wallace and a black female named Kesa Roo – as well as a cat named Echo.

All three were taken to the animal shelter after authorities discovered that Vanessa had passed away in the home. Vanessa’s friends are now working hard to ensure that her pets can live out the rest of their lives with the level of care they received from Vanessa.

An online fundraiser has been set up to raise money for all of Vanessa’s pets. Click here to donate.

Vanessa’s senior pit bull William Wallace is an extra special case who needs a peaceful home in which to finish his days. 

senior pit bull

Adoptable William Wallace

Anyone interested in helping him specifically should call Julie at 816-898-1696.

Please share this story for Vanessa.


About Crystal K. Wiebe

I live with two formerly wayward dogs, and helping other dogs find new homes is my passion. I recently founded the company Beer Paws to help celebrate the relationship between people and pets.

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  1. This is so sad. This is also the reason you make plans in case anything happens to you. Talk with friends. Family members and even a rescue you trust to aid in the care of your pets if you can’t. I have such a plan for my pets and it is know they will not ever see a shelter again. To me shelters are not shelters. They could be run so much better with the intrest of our pets first.

  2. wow…If we didn’t have a full house (3 dogs and 4 cats)…..Hopefully there is someone out there who can give this dog a home!

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