Close Encounter with the Crazy Dog Lady

golden retriever

A funny thing happened when I started making beer biscuits for dogs and giving them away.

I realized that I’m a serious dog geek.

I mean, I basically knew this already, but my face-to-face interactions with a whole lot of people whose lives don’t actually revolve around their canines made my status almost embarrassingly clear.

You know how I figured it out?

I heard myself starting every biscuit offer with a disclaimer.

“Now, can your dog eat grains?”

Blank stare. Sudden suspicion.

I rushed to calm their fears.

“What kind of food do you give him?”

Typical reply: one of many brands or varieties of food I was certain contained a lot of grain.

I tried not to sound like a snob.

“Well, then these biscuits should be fine. Your dog is probably already consuming grains – they are filler ingredients in a lot of leading dog foods. But some dogs have a problem digesting things like corn and soy, and those aren’t things they would eat in the wild. That’s why I asked.”

Awkward pause.

“But these biscuits are OK! Some dog owners (like me) just avoid the foods that contain grains. Meal after meal can really add up, you know? But these are treats. Like a cupcake for us. You wouldn’t cupcakes for every meal, would you?”

Head shake.

“So, take the biscuits! Just don’t give your dog all of them at once. Introducing new foods should always be gradual. Just start with a little mixed in with the regular food. Or with the biscuits, maybe just one tonight and one or two tomorrow. You don’t want to overwhelm their stomach. Especially if you just feed the dog the same food all the time. It’s not a bad idea to rotate, actually. Switch up the flavors, give them some variety…”

At this point, the person tries to back away slowly from the crazy dog lady who won’t shut up.

“Do you want to try grain-free dog food? I can totally recommend some options! I can think of like five off the top of my head! You just gotta look at the label – meat first, then fruits and vegetables! Pumpkin is good! It has fiber! If your dog ever has diarrhea, you can try to give him some pumpkin to slow things down a bit!”

Horror! She is talking about dog diarrhea!!! Continue backing away.

“But these biscuits are OK! They have grains, but some of them have pumpkin, too! And you could just give him one! DO YOU WANT THE TREATS?”

papillion with beer biscuits

OK, maybe I”m exaggerating a little. Most people were happy to take my homemade treats. And I felt good giving them away.

However, the discussion of what to feed your dogs is always fascinating to me, especially as the trend away from grain continues to grow, making grain-free options more affordable.

Come back tomorrow for more talk about grain-free dog food.

Are your dogs grain-free?

About Crystal K. Wiebe

I live with two formerly wayward dogs, and helping other dogs find new homes is my passion. I recently founded the company Beer Paws to help celebrate the relationship between people and pets.

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  1. This post made me laugh and laugh. So committed you are and what’s not to love about that?

  2. This post made me smile. Yes, my dogs eat grain free kibble, but I do occasionally let them have grain in treats, since they are grain free by my choice rather than because of an allergy.

  3. I could see this whole thing going down… ha ha ha! Boomer and Dottie aren’t grain free but they haven’t shown any signs of needing to be.

    • Support

      You make a great point. Not every dog needs to be grain-free. And it’s an individual decision that dog owners need to make on their own.

  4. We’re thinking of switching to sojas grain free food in the coming weeks. They seem to really like it (they get it when they visit Grandma’s house). We don’t seem to have any issues with non-grain free food, but Dixie certainly seems to prefer the grain free treats to others!

  5. I love what you do! One of my dogs has some bad allergies to corn and chicken so it is hard finding an affordable grain free food that is not chicken! I am very interested what you recommend.

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