Non-Stop Awesome Weekend

Burning the candle at both ends and overstuffing my calendar is just how I roll.

Between a full-time job, running my own business, doting on my dogs, blogging and an active social calendar, I don’t allow myself much down time.

But even by my standards, this past weekend was insane – in a good way.

5 Things I Did Last Weekend

minus the bear

1. Saw one of my all-time favorite bands play – because of my dog.

It helps to know people with power – and pooches with influence. My common-law sister-in-law Bethany scored us free entry to a Minus the Bear concert in Lawrence, Kansas, after name-dropping Scooby the elderpin.


That’s right. My dog is a rock star.

How this happened: Throughout his career of being awesome, Scooby has reported for regular duty at a variety of businesses. As luck would have it, the lord of the tickets at the Granada Theater once worked with the elderpin at a screen printing shop.

Speaking of business, my weekend also included…

2. Launching my Beer Paws products into a new retail location.

Christine Gregory Queen of Paws

Queen of Paws Boutique & Spa, an adorable little business operated by my friend Christine Gregory in Prairie Village, Kansas, now carries Beer Paws. A portion of every Beer Paws sale made at Queen of Paws will be donated to Bark N Blues, one of Christine’s favorite local animal welfare organizations.

I got the Beer Paws to Christine’s shop just in time for her 1st anniversary celebration. I am so proud of this lady for following her dream and working so hard to make it a success!


Unfortunately, I could not attend the party because my weekend was so chock full with other activities like:

3. Getting up at 5:30 a.m. for Strutt with Your Mutt.

strutt with mutt

Last year, I actually ran the 5K at this benefit for Wayside Waifs. This year, I chugged coffee in the vendors’ area (aka the “flealess market”).

Of course, I was there repping Beer Paws. Like at several local pet events recently, I was able to set up shop with Kennel Creek Pet Resort.

reilly and willow

As usual, owner Chris Sailors’ sweet dogs Reilly and Willow attracted a crowd, and together we introduced a lot of new people to our businesses.

As soon as Strutt ended, I had to skedaddle for another very important event…

4. The wedding of former foster dog Minnie‘s forever family.

Minnie wedding

The nuptials were held at the home of the bride’s mom and stepdad, in a small town outside of Jefferson City, Missouri. The setting was as beautiful as the bride and the drive so pleasant I didn’t mind that it took 2.5 hours.

I was ecstatic to be on the very short guestlist for this intimate gathering. I even had a special role to play – helping Minnie perform her role! The pretty little husky mix was the ringbearer!

I should have booked a hotel that night and saved myself some driving. The next day was also spent in this general part of Missouri…

5. Touring the ranch where the Budweiser clydesdales live.

hope clydesdale

On Sunday I got up super early again to hit the road with my family for a special daytrip celebrating my aunt getting through her radiation treatments for breast cancer and also my mom’s upcoming birthday.

Did you know that those big, beautiful horses synonymous with Budweiser beer are bred right here in Missouri? That’s right – they are raised at Warm Springs Ranch outside Boonville. My mom has been crowing about this place for a couple years now, and I have to say she was right. There’s just nothing like getting nuzzled by a 2,000-pound gentle giant.

clydesdale with sandy

How was your weekend?


About Crystal K. Wiebe

I live with two formerly wayward dogs, and helping other dogs find new homes is my passion. I recently founded the company Beer Paws to help celebrate the relationship between people and pets.

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  1. Whew! How busy — I’m the same way…jam packing weekends full! Congratulations on getting your Beer Paws gear into a boutique — how fun!

  2. Wow, looks like you had fun! So proud of you for following all of your passions.

  3. Wow, that really is a busy weekend. Congratulations on getting your beer paws into the boutique! So pleased to see that it is going well.

  4. Yeah, I’d say you were a little busy over the weekend. I didn’t do nearly as much!

  5. Busy, Busy, Busy – What Great Opportunities – love to have seen the Clydesdales – how cool!!! Happy Week:)

  6. I cannot thank you enough for the blog. Much obliged.

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