Luke Makes a New Friend

golden retriever and black lab

A couple weeks ago, I rolled up to the house of the friend I have known longer than any other friend.

Both of my dogs were in the car. We were all ready to get out and stretch our legs.

I couldn’t wait for a tour of the home she and her husband have been recreating to include her professional photo studio. But as I put my hand on the door, her big, affable oaf of a black lab appeared. I was excited to meet him, too. After all, his name – Tyson – was inspired by the name of my childhood dog.

However, for a split second, all I could picture was me opening the back gate of my SUV, my golden retriever Luke hopping out and letting into the black dog.

Luke is dog selective.

He does pretty great in general with little dogs and seems to like most lady dogs of all shapes and sizes. But big boys who rush right up to him to say hi? That tends to be a no-go.

Tyson fits that profile and he seemed so excited to find out what amazing new friends I had in my car for him. I was kind of freaking out inside.

But I warned my friend. She called Tyson back as I let Luke out of the car.

We gave him space.

A pee happened.

Scooby the elderpin and Tyson introduced themselves.

And then we all started walking around the property, Tyson loping ahead and Luke pulling on his leash in the hopes I would drop it.

When we got inside the house, I did.

The vibe seemed good between all the dogs, but I was still nervous.

They sniffed. They wagged, and then they were off!

Within seconds it was impossible to tell that Luke and Tyson had just met and weren’t actually lifelong buddies. The two big dogs followed each other into every room, long tails swishing and paws coming down hard as they zoomed around happily.

The only sight I can compare this to is how Luke behaves anytime our former foster Minnie comes around.

I guess he just knows who he likes. What a pity Tyson lives more than three hours away.

Who are your dog’s best friends?

To learn more about why I made the trip to visit my friend, check out the Walk for Paws post at

About Crystal K. Wiebe

I live with two formerly wayward dogs, and helping other dogs find new homes is my passion. I recently founded the company Beer Paws to help celebrate the relationship between people and pets.

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  1. “Luke is dog selective,” is the best line ever. I know this trait because Josie is just like that.

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