The Illustrious Career of an Elderpin

As a toy breed, Scooby the elderpin is not classified as a working type of dog.

But he has almost always had a job.

What's a retirement fund?

What’s a retirement fund?

In fact, he’s worked in a wide variety of industries. You might call the old miniature pinscher a pup of all trades.

Here are a few of the things Scooby the elderpin could put on a resume.

Security Guard (2006-2007)

Back when he worked in a screen printing office, Scooby performed the very important task of guarding the office, including the proprietors’ stash of potato chips. OK, maybe he stole some lunches, but that was his way of showing everyone that he was a tough guy who meant business. And you can bet he made a big point of demonstrating his intimidation power to delivery guys.

Newshound (2006-2009)

As the most prominent canine in a newsroom, Scooby fulfilled a variety of duties. Perhaps most importantly, he comforted young journalists who had stayed out too late the night before chasing down stories.

Scooby at work 2

Home Office Assistant (2009-2012)

This position, which Scooby performed from the comfort of his own home, was not unlike his role as a security guard. He made sure to alert all members of Reliant Media Systems of the arrival of any delivery personnel. He also ensured that the facility’s carpets were regularly cleaned – by giving the business owner a reason to clean up. (Can you guess what that was?)

Product Tester & Professional Model (2011-present)

As my constant companion, Scooby is not only expected to bring joy to my life. He has to earn his keep! Scooby is an eager worker when it comes to trying out the treats, food, clothes and general pet supplies we review here at He is also a photogenic model for other companies, including my brand Beer Paws.

Scooby at work

Pet Resort Greeter (Present)

Scooby goes to daycare at Kennel Creek Pet Resort nearly every day. And he is such an eager beaver that he recently offered to assist the staff at the front desk. From his perch on the counter, he monitors the phone, helps check in guests and keeps the employees company between tasks. He has been caught sleeping on the job, however.

Although I have told the elderpin that he is free to retire at any time, I think he will be one of those guys who always has a job.

Is there anything special on your pet’s resume? Share your story in the comments!

About Crystal K. Wiebe

I live with two formerly wayward dogs, and helping other dogs find new homes is my passion. I recently founded the company Beer Paws to help celebrate the relationship between people and pets.

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  1. Scooby can work Reception with me any day – need a HANDSOME greeter some days:)

  2. Awe, Scooby! Such a professional!

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