You Decide the Subject of My Next Post

Confession: I need your help.

Topics and products I need to address on this blog are piling up, but I don’t know where to begin.

So, I’m letting you decide.

With a comment, let me know which of these things you want to see me write about tomorrow.

1. The Pooch Pouch

Outward Hound Pooch Pounc


2. EzyDog Shock Absorbing Leash

EzyDog Shock Absorbing Leash


3. Lincoln Bark treats

Lincoln Bark treats


4. Pretty, pretty little Princess

Princess adoptable chihuahua mix


I’ll do what you say! Vote with a comment by 10 p.m. CST time.

Whichever topic gets the most votes will be the thing I write about on this blog tomorrow!

In the meantime, take a moment to enter my Diamond Pet Foods grain-free giveaway!

About Crystal K. Wiebe

I live with two formerly wayward dogs, and helping other dogs find new homes is my passion. I recently founded the company Beer Paws to help celebrate the relationship between people and pets.

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  1. Pretty Pretty little princess!

  2. I want to see you write about the Pretty, pretty little Princess

  3. I want to hear about the Princess!!

  4. Pooch pouch. I saw something similar over the weekend on a cyclist.

  5. I’ve never heard about the pooch pouch, that might be interesting!

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