Trader Joe’s Thanksgiving Treats And What Not to Feed Your Dog this Holiday

I guess I’m a sucker for marketing.

The Trader Joe’s seasonal dog biscuit offering got me again. I picked up this box of turkey and cranberry dog treats a couple weeks ago.

Trader Joes Thanksgiving dog biscuits

There is no pit bull on the box this time, but there are a lot of other dogs.

My favorite part of the Thanksgiving-themed packaging is the clever way it incorporates the actual size of the turkey leg-shaped biscuits into the image.

Trader Joe's dog biscuit

Once again, if wheat and soy are an issue for your dogs, Trader Joe’s biscuits may not be the way to treat your dog this holiday.

However, the overall ingredient list is short. Turkey comes first, and the hardest thing on the list to pronounce is the natural preservative – mixed tocopherols.

I have no problem feeding these to Luke, who loves them.

Luke turkey leg

Also, these festive biscuits are a much safer alternative for pets than many of the food likely to fill your table tomorrow if you are celebrating Thanksgiving in the U.S.

Here’s an infographic originally shared by Dogster that will help you remember what table scraps to your dog can and cannot have this holiday season.

what not to feed your dog at thanksgiving

Credit: Dogster

My pack and I will be enjoying family time, right here in Kansas City, at my mom’s house. If you are celebrating, what’s your plan?

You can come meet me at the following events this weekend:

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  1. I’ve been looking for something special to give Duke on Thanksgiving but I haven’t wanted to give him anything that might upset his stomach or be dangerous for him. But these sound perfect – safe and festive! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Very nice article!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!

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