The Elderpin’s Adventure (or How the Dog Ruined Date Night)

Dinner at Chuy's RestaurantEven though it was a Monday, Zach and I hit the town last night to try a new restaurant.

Dinner at Chuy’s, a diner that serves authentic Tex Mex cuisine, was awesome.

There was even one margarita involved.

But round about the time our delicious Tres Leches dessert showed up, a photo message flashed onto my phone and my heart sank.


Along with the photo came these terrifying words:

“I have your doggie! Found him in the road.”

The message, thank goodness, came from a neighbor who knew Scooby when she saw him.

Apparently, on her way home last night, she encountered my elderpin-in-a-sweater hobbling across the often busy street just to the south of our house.

Luckily, at that time, there was no traffic. And my neighbor says she parked her car in such a way that would have blocked any other vehicles while she was catching him.

From her description, it sounds like Scooby was moving in the direction we had driven. But I don’t think he knew that. I think he was just walking toward the brightest light, a streetlight on the corner. Since his vision is failing, that’s what he tends to do now in all situations.

My neighbor found our back gate open and Luke still safe and warm in the house. Because the house was locked, she took Scooby home with her until we could come get him. Thank the universe she was there!

How did this happen?

The explanation of how my ancient miniature pinscher escaped the house on an extremely cold night is a combination of having an electronic doggy door and a faulty gate latch.

Sometime shortly after we left, Scooby must have used the doggy door to go outside and pawed the back gate.

For the past few days, that gate has been acting weird. However, the problem had been quite the opposite – it was jamming closed.

When we left for Chuy’s, I remember pulling it shut gently in the hopes of not getting locked out. I thought it had latched, but clearly it hadn’t. The gate is being fixed today.

Scooby will also be getting a new ID tag today. After years of not wearing a collar, he only recently started again, and he doesn’t have a current tag. Again – I am so fortunate his finder last night already knew him.

Yes, I feel like a terrible dog mom right now.

But I am so relieved the outcome of the elderpin’s escape wasn’t worse.

In fact, for the rest of last night, he seemed to be in quite high spirits – as if he were proud of himself for going on a 1-block adventure all by himself. I told him next time, he should at least put on his warm Santa suit.

miniature pinscher dog santa suit

Has your dog ever escaped? Share your story in the comments!

If you are in the Kansas City area, please also enter this giveaway for a chance to eat dinner where Zach and I did last night. I’ll tell you more about that experience tomorrow.

Chuy's Logo clean - red

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  1. So glad he was found safe! I know all to well the wonders of a faulty gate (and a pest control person that hadn’t shut it all the way). We now keep a lock on our gate and I am uber paranoid about making sure it is shut and locked.

  2. So glad your neighbor found him and that he’s safe and sound after his 1-block adventure.

  3. The food sounds amazing but I would have been so freaked out by my dog getting loose that I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy it. I’m so glad that Scooby is safe!

  4. MMM I wish I lived in KC to enjoy!

    We had almost the exact same situation when I first moved into my house. Tess doesn’t like being crated in new surroundings (e.g. new house). So I didn’t force her into her crate and accepted the fact that there would be pee in the house when I got home. I got a call about an hour later from our vet saying that someone had her and gave us his number. I’m guessing he called the vet instead of me because she had her old ID tag on without an address because I had previously lived in temporary housing and it had my cell which is an out-of-area code. I ran right back and picked her up.

    As tends to happen in a new house, I was still figuring out the “tricks.” My backdoor doesn’t always latch completely unless you pull it shut hard. So even though I had closed and locked it, it must have popped back open. My storm door also had a latch problem and it wouldn’t completely latch (not usually a major issue on its own). And my gate ALSO had a latch problem and didn’t completely shut. So apparently, she just walked right out of the house in an effort to come find me. We also live on the corner of two fairly busy streets, so it was incredibly dangerous. Thank goodness our neighbor that lives 2 houses down found her and wasn’t afraid to take in a little pitbull!

    Gosh, just re-telling the story freaks me out!! Both dogs are crated always at home now (although our little houdini-girl has recently had to be zip-tied in!) and we’ve fixed ALL the latches!!

    Also, I am stealing this idea for a blog post.

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