Brew Paws: Boomer the Black and Tan


Today the Brew Paws series returns with Brittany and Boomer, a homebrewing, roadtripping duo who chart their adventures over at the Paws for Beer blog

Why did you start homebrewing?

I love going on brewery tours and visiting tap rooms but what actually inspired me to start home-brewing was President Obama.   I know that may sound kind of odd – but he was what got me to buy my first home-brewing kit.  I was watching the news and there was a story about how the White House was home-brewing beer.  Home-brewing was gaining in popularity a few years ago and Obama wanted to know more about it, so they bought a kit and started brewing beer at the White House.  I thought it was really cool that someone who is that busy took the time to learn how to brew beer.  I also felt that someone, like me, who was a heck of a lot less busy could find some time to brew up a few batches of beer!  I ordered a starter kit and I’ve been brewing for about a year now.  I just brewed up the White House Honey Amber recipe, which you can now buy online, and it is quite delicious!  They also have a White House Honey Porter that I am wanting to try.


Does Boomer help you in the homebrewing process?

Boomer would probably love to help me brew but I usually let him play outside while I’m brewing.  He’s got a lot of hair and the potential for contamination is higher if he is in the room with me.  He is also a pretty big dog and for him to get under foot while I’m lugging around a 5 gallon brew kettle of hot water probably would not end well for either of us!

What is your favorite type of beer?

I rotate around a bit on what I like but right now I am really into India Pale Ales.  Black IPA’s specifically.  I live in the Pacific Northwest – an area that is well known for growing flavorful hops.  I like the nice crisp bite of a hoppy citrus beer – which that sort of flavoring lends itself to an IPA. IPA’s give you your most bang for your buck with bold flavors and a slightly higher alcohol content so you can drink less beer … not that I do!  If I am not drinking my own home-brew I can usually be found with some sort of Oregon or Washington brewery’s beer in my hand!


If Boomer was a beer, what kind would he be?

Because of Boomer’s coat coloring I always joke that he would be a black and tan.  So a Guinness with a little Harp beer!

What kind of beers do you brew?

I brew mainly Amber and Pale Ales.  They are pretty easy and do not require refrigeration during the fermentation process like a Lager does.  I throw a lot of beer tasting parties for my friends at my house and find that ambers and pales are the easiest to share.  Although  I like ambers and pales I am going to slowly work my way towards brewing more beers I prefer, like the IPA’s and some darker beers such as porters and see what my friends think of those.  There’s such a wide array of beers out there to try you should never limit yourself to just one kind!


What makes Boomer a super awesome dog?

Boomer does have a lot of awesomeness but what I like best about him is that I can take him anywhere, to a friend’s house or on a 10 day road trip and he is always excited to be where ever we are going.  We also have a really great bond between us which I have never had that with any other dog before.  He’s a great friend to have and an excellent co-pilot!


If you like dogs and beer, head over to to learn more about my company and how to make your dog a better drinking buddy.

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