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Kansas City Flashback Thursday with Scooby the Elderpin

Could there ever be too many pictures of Scooby the elderpin?

I think not. And I hope you agree.

Kansas City Flashback

Kansas City Flashback

In this week’s roundup of highlights from his 2013 adventures in modeling, I failed to include our most recent photo session.

Last Sunday, Scooby and I participated in Mosh Pit Kansas City‘s Posing for Pits Fundraiser. Local photo company Kansas City Flashback was taking holiday pet portraits, with 100% of proceeds benefiting pit bull rescue.

We got a few fun shots of Scooby alone, and some with his sweetheart (aka me).

Kansas City Flashback

Kansas City Flashback

You can check out the whole album on Facebook!

Open Your Heart to Indiana

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to hang out with a couple of really awesome adoptable pit bulls.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to one of them. Her name is Indiana.

red female pit bull

This pretty red mama came into the Midwest Adopt-a-Bull program several months ago with a belly full of babies.

She took great care of her eight pups, six of whom have already found forever homes. She’s a nurturing friend to the special needs boy who lives in her foster home. Recently, Indiana also befriended some chihuahua mix puppies who took refuge with her foster family.

If that sweet disposition isn’t enough to make you love Ms. Indiana, get a load of all the tricks she can do: sit, stay, shake and high five.

red ffemale pit bull

She’s a cuddler and a good running partner but not a particularly high-energy dog. She would do great in a variety of family situations, as long she isn’t expected to hang out with a cat – that’s the one thing Indiana doesn’t like at all.

During the adoption event where I hung out with Indiana, she sat or laid politely in her kennel the whole time. She loved it when adults or children knelt down to pet her through the bars. She even tried to shake hands and gave kisses through her cage. She showed everyone her beautiful smile.

red female pit bull smile

Due to her foster family’s impending relocation, Indiana is in desperate need of a forever home.

Please share her story so that we can keep this sweet mama from landing back in a shelter.

If Indiana seems like the right dog for you, apply to adopt her from Midwest Adopt-a-Bull.

For a reduced adoption fee, mention in your application.

red female pit bull

Don’t forget October is National Pit Bull Awareness Month. Visit to learn about how my company is getting involved.

The Pit Bulls Made Me Buy Things

Yesterday was grocery day.

Sadly, I realized this morning that I forgot the coffee.

Maybe that’s because I was too busy admiring the product packaging at Trader Joe’s to stay on track with the grocery list in my head.

The use of pit bulls on packaging influenced two of my purchasing decisions last night.

Because it’s the season for pumpkin everything, Trader Joe’s currently offers pumpkin dog biscuits. They’re wheat-filled and not particularly healthy, but we are running low on homemade beer biscuits. And it’s fun to have something seasonal around. AND WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT CUTE WHITE PIT BULL ON THE BACK OF THE BOX??!!

Luke was so impressed that he pretended to faint.

trader joe's pumpkin dog biscuits

Can you see the pibble?

After procuring dog biscuits, I headed over to the beer aisle for something I really, truly needed –  a pint bottle.

I know what you’re thinking, but this purchase really was a need.

My company Beer Paws just rolled out a new product – super cute bottle sweaters that stretch to fit any size bottle. I’d tried them on standard 12-ounce and regular size wine bottles. I wanted to see how a sweater would look on a larger bottle of special beer.

Trader Joe’s doesn’t have a huge selection of pint beers. But the cap on a certain red ale caught my eye instantly.

Lagunitas red ale beer cap with pit bull

No, Scooby, you may not have any of my Lagunitas.

Now, you may be thinking that I’m being silly. There are dogs on the labels for all kinds of products. What’s so special about the fact that these particular items feature pit bulls?

To be honest, it’s not that big of a deal. In fact, a lot of shoppers may not even recognize that the Lagunitas dog is a pit bull or assign that breed to the ambiguous white dog on the back of the treat box.

But it is just cool to see this kind of dog presented in a positive, apolitical light. They’re just dogs. And pictures of dogs make people want to buy things.

Also – October is Pit Bull Awareness Month, so I have those blockheaded dogs on the brain even more than usual.

What’s the last thing you bought because it had a dog on it?

If you want to help support a Kansas City-based organization committed to helping pit bulls in need, buy Beer Paws merchandise this month. Throughout October, at least 10% of online sales will go back to MOSH Pit KC.

Beer Paws Banner

What’s Really Going on in Detroit (aka Stray Dog City)?

stray dog in Hawaii

There’s a wild dog problem in Detroit.

Rolling Stone, Bloomberg News and other news sites say so.

And they’re making it sound really, really bad.

The number 50,000 keeps getting tossed around – as in 50,000 stray dogs roaming the streets of Motor City in packs.

In the video below, you can apparently see a few of the Detroit strays, including one dog so cold and hungry it goes cannibal.

Of course, Detroit’s wayward dogs are reported to be mostly pit bull mixes, which, sadly, only ups the scary factor for some people.

I’ve never been to Detroit, but the idea of dogs of any breed going feral in masse has always freaked me out. It’s a large part of the reason I originally founded this blog. Rolling Stone reporter Mark Binelli gets why this notion is so freaky:

The image of wild dogs overrunning neighborhoods of a major American city is more than just a disturbing metaphor for our national decline – as with much of what’s happened in Detroit, it’s also a warning from the future for the rest of the country … Part of the reason the dogs have such free rein is that so many humans have left.

But is Detroit really turning into a stray dog city?

While there is no real debate over the fact that the bankrupt city has a significant stray dog problem, some actual Detroiters do suggest the situation has been sensationalized. And although my heart will always be with the cause of wayward dogs, it’s important to hear out both sides.

Detroit Free Press Business Writer Nathan Bomey:

The rhetoric amplifies Detroit’s predatory caricature, but experts challenged the portrayal of violent dogs preying on people, saying most abandoned dogs actually avoid people.

Aaron Foley via Jalopnik Detroit:

 Besides the overinflated number, the story heavily trades upon emotion and affection for animals, which — partially thanks to Sarah McLachlan — stirs up the kind of emotion that can cause someone to not think critically about what’s really going on.

Add that emotion to the general attitude toward Detroiters, that we’re all a bunch of a lifeless savages with zero regard for anything and anyone, and you’ve got a typical “Detroit is crap” story.

So, what do you think?

Leave your thoughts about Detroit’s stray dog problem in the comments.

If you know someone involved in animal rescue efforts in Detroit, please feel free to put me in touch with them. I would love to keep learning more about this issue.

Honor the Legacy of a Rescuer

The Kansas City rescue community lost a devoted den mother a few days ago.


A heart of gold.

Vanessa Melchert was active with various rescue organizations, including Midwest Adopt-a-Bull, and helped save a lot of animals over the years.

As her friend Staci puts it, Vanessa

“…never cared about any of the political crap that can come with rescue and she truly cared about the dogs and about saving lives. Vanessa saved so many and did so much even when she was sick. She fought hard for so many dogs and she always liked to raise a little cain about BSL too. God got a good one this weekend. I know she is dancing at the Rainbow Bridge with all her fur babies. “

I did not get to know Vanessa well, but I will always remember the first time we met.

It was an adoption event.

She was there with a sweet, long-legged pup named Tobias. I was there with my ill-fated, handsome foster boy Charlie Machete.

Vanessa could tell I was struggling with my situation. I’m sure she could see that I would be hard-pressed to find another home for that tragic animal. But she understood why I had to try and why I believed in him.

And she wouldn’t let me leave that day without a long hug.

I’d like to think Charlie Machete greeted Vanessa with a sloppy kiss at the Rainbow Bridge and – along with so many other creatures – will keep her company until her fur kids can join her.

Vanessa left behind two pit bulls – a 14-year-old named William Wallace and a black female named Kesa Roo – as well as a cat named Echo.

All three were taken to the animal shelter after authorities discovered that Vanessa had passed away in the home. Vanessa’s friends are now working hard to ensure that her pets can live out the rest of their lives with the level of care they received from Vanessa.

An online fundraiser has been set up to raise money for all of Vanessa’s pets. Click here to donate.

Vanessa’s senior pit bull William Wallace is an extra special case who needs a peaceful home in which to finish his days. 

senior pit bull

Adoptable William Wallace

Anyone interested in helping him specifically should call Julie at 816-898-1696.

Please share this story for Vanessa.


This ‘N That Thursday

I’m taking a cue from 2 Brown Dawgs and using today’s post as an opportunity to catch up on multiple subjects.

1. Dog Treats

I’m still seeking help from anyone local who wants to help in baking beer biscuits for shelter dogs. Just contact me, and we can arrange a batter drop-off!

If you are not local but want to help, please be patient – I have something in the works!


Sweet Potato Peanut Butter Frozen Blueberry Goodness

In the meantime, I am ecstatic to report that a completely different dog treat recipe of mine was featured on another blog yesterday.

My no-bake sweet potato, peanut butter and blueberry frozen treats were chosen as the Weekly Drool recipe over at the Best Bully Sticks Healthy Dogs Blog!

2. Roscoe

pit bull


He underwent surgery but his grill isn’t right just yet.

He needs to have a second dental surgery, which means twice the original amount is needed to cover expenses.

His FundRazr is still active. Click here to contribute.

3. Tessa


My favorite silver pit bull is back at the kennel and on a 10-day regimen of medicine.

To support her, make a donation to Midwest Adopt-a-Bull in her name or buy some Beer Paws merchandise.

4. My cousin Kyle

At this time, no evidence of the ship on which he was sailing from New Zealand to Australia has been found. Official search efforts for the Nina have been suspended. However, the family of another crew member has arranged for a private search to continue.

I think of my cousin about 10,000 times a day. I also think of his mom, dad and two sisters (with whom I spent the Fourth of July) at least that many times each day. My heart is heavy, with sadness but also with love, for my family.

We are all looking for the beautiful things in the world. One of the things bringing me joy that I bet Kyle would appreciate is the last thing I’ll share today.

5. My Nighttime Caller

I think there is a mockingbird on my street. He sings all through the night, starting around dusk and continuing until morning. He has a lot of songs, and when I’ve caught glimpses of him on the highwire, he appears gray with a longish tail.

Some people would be annoyed by him. But I think he’s wonderful. I haven’t recorded him yet, but this video is a good approximation of his many calls.

Happy Thursday! Make it a Kyle-spirited day!

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How I Spent Monday Morning

Big thanks to everyone who made a donation, bought a Beer Paw to benefit or shared the story of Roscoe. 

The pit bull with the messed up teeth surpassed his fundraising goal for today’s surgery. Later this evening, Beer Paws will donate a portion of proceeds from several red bottle openers sold over the weekend in Roscoe’s honor.

Now, I have an update on another pit bull who is living at a boarding facility.

Remember Tessa?

tessa blue pit bull

She’s the pretty silver pit bull who is currently living at the doggie daycare/animal shelter near my house.

Although I haven’t been able to visit as much as I would like to lately, I have been keeping tabs on her and making contributions to her boarding fees from sales of Beer Paws.

Unfortunately, Midwest Adopt-a-Bull still does not have an open foster home for Tessa, who loves people but does not do well with other dogs.

With any luck, a forever or foster home will happen for Tessa soon. But in the meantime, she is having some health problems.

I took her to the vet this morning to be checked for a possible UTI. She was also recently on medication for a yeast infection in her ears.

I’m happy to report that Tessa was a very good girl in the car, and she was super excited to meet the ladies who work at the vet’s office.

Here’s hoping her diagnosis is not too expensive or severe. I will definitely keep you all posted.

Please consider sharing Tessa’s story with your networks or making a contribution in her name to Midwest Adopt-a-Bull.

Beer Paws is also still donating 10% of proceeds to help pay for Tessa’s care. So, if you haven’t already, consider purchasing a silver, teal, glow-in-the-dark or even red bottle opener (or 10) to help out this pretty lady.

tessa pro

Click to shop.

Let’s Fix Roscoe’s Grill

Meet Roscoe.

pit bull


You can’t tell in this picture, but Roscoe has a messed up grill.

I learned of Roscoe’s story from my friend Jill, who is one of his advocates. 

Roscoe is an approximately 1-year-old pit bull, who spent most of his short life in a hoarding situation with five other pit bulls in my hometown of Beatrice, Nebraska.

Lucky for these dogs, Lincoln, Nebraska-based H.O.P.E. Training and Rescue provided a second chance.

Despite their less-than-ideal upbringing, the dogs retain very good dispositions and most appear to be well-trained. That helped the rescue in finding temporary or permanent placement for all six dogs one day before they would have been euthanized by the local animal shelter.

All of Roscoe’s old housemates—Honey, Captain, Sadie, Sasha, and Leah—have been adopted or are very close to it.

Unfortunately, things have not gone as well for Roscoe.

Roscoe deserves a forever home, but no one has yet been able to provide him with the love and stability he so very much deserves. He is currently living in boarding.

pit bull snuggle

Those who know him say Roscoe is very sweet, gentle and loves people. He loves to take walks and snuggle on the couch. He’s kennel trained and housebroken.

And although he is not used to small pets and should probably go to a forever home without them, Roscoe loves to play with other big dogs.

However, lately he’s been a little shy around other dogs.

That’s probably because Roscoe is dealing with a serious health issue.

Many of Roscoe’s teeth are broken (possibly from chewing on his kennel door), and at least two have become badly infected.

While he doesn’t show any outward signs of pain, he has to be in significant discomfort that is making him a little more skittish – and thus less attractive to potential adopters – than usual.

With every day that passes by, the more the risks to his health increase, and the greater his suffering.

H.O.P.E. is currently running a campaign to collect funds for Roscoe’s dental procedure. The goal of the campaign is just $400.

pit bull sleeping

So far, almost half of the necessary funds have been raised. His surgery is scheduled for Monday.

How you can help:

Share his story! To learn more about Roscoe, visit the Facebook page for H.O.P.E. Training and Rescue.

To donate directly to the campaign, visit Roscoe’s Fundrazr page.

How I’m helping:

Because Roscoe is a Nebraska dog, for the duration of his fundraiser I will donate 10% of all sales of the new red Beer Paws bottle openers to his cause.


Update on Tessa the Blue Pit Bull

Yesterday, I wrote my very first check as a business owner.

It was for $25, and the money went directly toward helping this pretty lady:

adoptable pit bull in Kansas City

I felt so proud and grateful at the same time!

The only thing that would have made the experience better is if Tessa and I had run into her future family while we were out walking.

The money, of course, was proceeds from Beer Paws – the new little business that you all have been helping to support through purchases and by spreading the word. Tessa and I both thank you!

She seems to be doing OK, by the way.

adoptable blue pit bull kansas city

I think she has put on a little weight, and her sensitive blue velvet coat is in good condition.

Although Miss Tessa so far doesn’t seem too great around other dogs, I think she will blossom into a wonderful companion for someone.

She’s very excited about meeting new people. And in my experience, she is neither afraid nor dominant with humans. She is rather independent, but I think she just needs a chance to bond with a person of her own.

While I cannot adopt Tessa, I will continue to do what I can to help her and dogs like her, through this blog, direct action like walking her and through the Beer Paws brand.

This past weekend, I added a new product to the line – turquoise bottle openers for collars and leashes.

Turquoise Beer Paws bottle opener

As always, a portion of every sale will go towards animal rescue.

However, to keep the bookkeeping easy as the Beer Paws brand continues to grow, I’m shifting the donation from a dollar amount to a percentage – 10 percent, to be exact.

So, every time you buy something from Beer Paws, one-tenth of your purchase price will be designated to help an animal rescue organization like Midwest Adopt-a-Bull and dogs like Tessa.

Does that sound like a good deal to you?

Stay tuned for announcements of more Beer Paws products – and, of course, updates about beautiful Miss Tessa.

Congratulations to the winner of the Beer Paws giveaway – Emily from Adventures of a Dog Mom!

What a Lovely Blue Velvet Coat

Meet Tessa


This pretty little pittie girl used to live in unsavory circumstances in a house full of dogs. Then, she ended up on death row.

Lucky for her, Midwest Adopt-a-Bull recently saved her.

However, her foster home didn’t work out, and now blue Tessa is back to living in a cage.

Until we can find her a new foster or forever home, Tessa is in boarding at A Dog’s Fun Playce, a rescue center and doggy daycare in my neighborhood.

Her accommodations aren’t bad, but she sure was happy to get out over the weekend when I stopped by.

Although we had never met before, Tessa greeted me with a kiss before dragging me out of the shelter.

She’s a pocket pittie at just about 45 pounds, but Tessa is pure muscle, and she’s not yet used to walking on a leash. For the first half an hour, she pulled like a sled dog, but as she got tired, she walked more politely.

tessa pro

I know with more practice, she will be a great walking or jogging companion.

My most important discovery about Tessa is that she’s not afraid of people. In fact, she likes them a lot and even gave kisses to two of my neighbors.

People like Tessa, too. Her silvery blue velvet coat garnered many compliments during my outing with her.


I plan on seeing Tessa again this week.

In the meantime, I am hoping to do some things to improve her current situation, such as bringing her Kongs and bones.

You can help Tessa, too.

Please consider making a donation in her name to Midwest Adopt-a-Bull, whose tiny budget is being stretched to the limit by the cost of her boarding.


If you would like to get something tangible in exchange for your giving, you can also buy a Beer Paws bottle opener from my Storenvy shop.

Beer Paws bottle opener

The front.

Beer Paws bottle opener

The back.

These button style bottle openers look great on your dog’s collar, at the end of a leash or on your own bag or keys. They’re even silver, like Tessa.

Until further notice, at least $1 from each Beer Paws sale will go directly toward Tessa’s care.

Order online today, and I will personally send you a Beer Paw!

Contact me with any questions.

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