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Help Natasha the Rhodesian Ridgeback find a Home

Rhodesian ridgeback with yorkies

Natasha’s inquiring mind wants to know:

Will you adopt me?

This regal Rhodesian ridgeback was recently surrendered to the Wayward Dog Foundation due to changing circumstances within her family.

Natasha is about 8 years old. She is very shy at first with new people and definitely prefers women. When I met her, I earned her trust pretty quickly by offering some tasty treats and letting her approach me.

Once she is comfortable, Natasha is very loving and cuddly.

Natasha gets along OK with other dogs, including small dogs. She is also crate and house trained.

Natasha in crate

The Rhodesian ridgeback is a South African breed of hunting dog. They are extremely intelligent and have great endurance.

Rhodesian ridgeback

Because she is a little older, Natasha is more mellow but still requires daily exercise and stimulation. True to her roots, she is a smart cookie and will need a home with a very tall fence.

Natasha is currently in foster care but needs to find a family of her own.

Please help us get this sweet senior into her forever home by sharing her story with your network.

To make an appointment to meet Natasha, call Kennel Creek Pet Resort at 913-498-9900 or reach out via the contact form below.

Pretty Penny Pup is Looking for a Home

Find a Penny, take her home.


When I told you all about the little prince Razzy, the long-haired dachshund that I sprung from the Beatrice Humane Society, I slyly mentioned that he wasn’t the only dog I picked up.

Razzy was the only dog I initially intended to bring back to Kansas City.

But as I planned my trip and reviewed the list of dogs available from my hometown shelter with Kennel Creek Pet Resort owner Chris Sailors, some others piqued our attention.

One of them was Penny.

The shelter called her Peanut, but whatever you call her, this mixed breed pup sure is cute.

Penny is only four months old. She was picked up as a stray and spent a few weeks at the Beatrice Humane Society. It was reported to me that she never made a mess in her kennel, which means she will be easy to completely house train.

Penny is a wonderful dog.


She loves to play – during a meeting the other day, she tried to steal my high heel right off my foot – but she is also very laid back for such a young thing.

On the three hour drive from Beatrice to Kansas City, Penny mostly snoozed quietly. She is a submissive but not fearful dog who is eager to please the people around her. She gets along great with other dogs.

Penny is currently residing at Kennel Creek Pet Resort, where she is getting lots of socialization time with people and other dogs.

If you or someone you know is interested in bringing Penny home, contact Kennel Creek.

Click here to learn about the benefits of letting Kennel Creek help make a match between you and an adoptable dog.

A Reindog’s Christmas Wish

Charlie Machete is so excited for Christmas that this year he agreed to put on a special holiday costume.



Same as last year, all he wants for Christmas is a forever family of his own.

If you or anyone you know would like to adopt Charlie Machete, check out his profile at

Merry Christmas!

The dreaded weekly visit to the vet

pouting black lab mix

Don’t need daycare. Perfectly comfortable right here.

About once a week, Charlie Machete goes to a neighborhood vet office for boarding.

Every time, without fail, he throws a fit in the lobby. As soon as I attempt to replace his Waggiwear collar with the temporary one he’s supposed to wear for the day, he gets a wild look in his eyes and starts flailing about and squealing. This continues after I hand him off to a member of the staff, as Charlie Machete twists his neck around to eye me until I’m out of sight.

I am told that he only behaves this way in the lobby.

One kennel attendant even said Charlie Machete is one of the best dogs that regularly comes to boarding. (To which I chirped: “You know, he’s adoptable.”)

I don’t believe they are lying to me, and I am incredibly appreciative for the patience the vet staff shows me as I struggle with my foster dog and his separation anxiety week after week.

However, when I recently left town for a whole weekend, I knew I didn’t want to leave him there.

Come back tomorrow to learn about a new place Charlie Machete checked into and how that went for him.

Does your dog have separation anxiety? How do you handle it?

Jogging with dogs

Dogs need exercise.

In fact they should get at least one walk per day. Why not a jog?

Three canines coexist with me right now, and at some point I have tried running with all of them. It hasn’t always gone so well.



Profile: Ancient miniature pinscher

Running style: His legs are short, so he’s always running, even when you’re just walking.

Running gear: Due to his collapsing trachea, he needs to wear a full body harness that doesn’t put any pressure on his neck or throat.

Analysis: Too small, too old and too slow. Not a good running partner. (But a pretty good walker.)



Profile: Middle aged golden retriever

Running style: Likes to run fast, and he would prefer to not be leashed while doing so. Has a tendency to go too hard, too fast and then poop out. Once he got so tired that he had to be picked up in a car.

Running gear: A gentle leader is absolutely necessary to help him maintain a regular pace and not zig zag in front of his human partner.

Analysis: Although an OK running partner, Luke needs a specific partner. That person is not me. (It’s Zach.)

Charlie Machete


Profile: Young, athletic black lab/chow/pit bull/??? mix

Running style: Not too fast, not too slow. Charlie Machete generally likes to run slightly behind or a hair ahead of his human partner. He’s ready to go anytime. Does not understand the phrase “too tired to run.”

Running gear: A gentle leader provides maximum control and keeps him from getting distacted in case of a passing bunny. (He looks good in his formerly pink, now green gentle leader.)

Analysis: Most awesome running partner ever!

What’s your dog’s running style?

Need an awesome running partner? Charlie Machete is available for adoption through Midwest Adopt-a-Bull.

Come back tomorrow to learn about an event where Charlie Machete and I will be jogging together in public!

This dog has a really great name

Meet Arria.

Just like Charlie Machete, this beautiful dog is available for adoption through the Midwest Adopt-a-Bull rescue organization.

Arria is currently under the loving care of her foster family Lexi and Derek. Lexi says:

“I really love Arria to death. If I could, I would keep her all to myself. But that also would prevent me from helping any other dogs. We will be sad to see her leave, but we will be so happy to see her go to her forever home.”

To that, I say, “Amen, sister.”

Here’s a little more of what Lexi has to say about her 40-pound, less-than-a-year-old, kid-friendly foster pit Arria:

What is Arria’s story?

Arria was a runaway dog that had been found. Her previous owners had moved to a city with breed specific legislation against pit bulls. They had then found her but obviously couldn’t take her due to where they had moved to. So she was at the Independence Shelter awaiting a rescue to take her before her time was up since the law prevented the shelter from adopting her out to the public.

Where did that name come from?

My boyfriend and I had begun watching the Game of Thrones series on HBO. One of the daughters on that show is named Arya. We stole the name. I think it fits her well to name her after the character because of how strong-willed and determined that character is. Not only does it remind me of a strong person but it’s also a beautiful name in my opinion.

What is Arria like?

Arria is a sweetheart. She loves attention. My boyfriend jokes that we should have named her ‘kisses’ because she loves to give us and our dogs constant kisses. She has been an instant companion. She loves to sit at our side and follow us around the house. She even sits and lays her head on the coffee table and watches TV. She loves our dogs and the neighbors dogs.

How has Arria improved or changed since coming to live with you?

When Arria came to us she did not know commands. We also don’t allow our dogs on the furniture, so we don’t allow Arria up there. She had a hard time learning not to jump up there or to jump up on guests. She has been great with house training, command training, and not jumping up anymore.

What else should potential adopters know about this dog?

She actually has no interest in toys or dog treats, so as you can imagine she just sits around and watches TV with us hahaha aside from running around outside. Arria is so great in her kennel. She doesn’t have accidents, she doesn’t cry out to us, and she sleeps all night with no complaints! It’s amazing. We are currently trying to break our 5 month old puppy of crying in her kennel when she wants out so it’s a relief not to have both of them doing it!

How did you get involved in fostering?

I’ve been helping rescue Pit Bulls with two different rescues now. I’ve volunteered my time with rescues and have occasionally found runaway dogs with tags that I have helped return to their owners. I have been wanting to foster for a while now, but my circumstances never seemed to allow me to do so. Now, my boyfriend, Derek, and I have our own house that we are renting so we took on fostering. I had actually found a dog outside at my work and took him home planning on fostering him unless we found his owners. When I went to get him scanned for a microchip, he was indeed chipped and I was able to return him to his owner. The next day, I went to the Independence animal shelter and pulled Arria before her time was up.

Does Arria sound like a dog for you or someone you know?

Check her out on the Midwest Adopt-a-Bull’s available dogs page.

While you’re there, also check out my foster dog Charlie Machete’s profile and consider helping out the organization with a donation or by volunteering!

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