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Highlights from 2012

Another year of blogging is over, and a new one is about to begin! Thanks to everyone who checked out Wayward Dogs this year. It has been so fun swapping stories with you and learning from each other.

Your comments and likes cheered, inspired, surprised and motivated me not only to blog better but also to live better, for myself, my pets and the world. I hope you took away some of the same feelings as a reader.

I also hope you will continue following the Wayward Dogs journey in 2013. I have lots of plans in the works for posts and projects meant to entertain and enlighten our growing dog-loving community.

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

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What did you like best about Wayward Dogs in 2012?

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Best Guard Dogs for Your Home (Guest Blog)

Beware of Dog sign in Glasgow Necropolis

The following text comes from guest blogger Elspeth, who is writing on behalf of

A good guard dog is worth more than his weight in dog food. When you own a guard dog, it helps protect your home and family from intruders and potential disasters. The peace of mind that comes from owning a guard dog makes it a worthwhile investment for any homeowner.

Owning any guard dog is a major financial commitment. You need to feed your dog, provide them with shelter and take them to the veterinarian for regular medical exams and vaccinations to ensure they remain healthy and strong. Because it is an investment, as well as a companion, it is important to find a breed that has the physical and mental traits of a good guard dog that fits your lifestyle.

Here are the top five breeds of dogs we think you should consider when looking for the right canine to guard your home and protect your family.


Source: gespendet von: Dr. Manfred Herrmann Allgemeiner Deutscher Rottweiler-Klub (ADRK) e.V.

This German breed is a popular choice for people who want a guard dog. Rottweilers are large, muscular dogs. The average Rottweiler weighs between 80 and 130 pounds and gets to be between 22 to 27 inches when full grown. This breed also has a lifespan of 9 to 12 years.

Rottweilers are a good choice for a guard dog because they are a highly intelligent breed. They are easy to train because they are alert and obedient. Besides protecting your home, Rottweilers make good pets. They possess a gentle disposition, are calm and become protective of the people under their watch.

German Shepherd

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The German Shepherd is a natural born guard dog. It was originally bred in Germany to guard and herd sheep. A typical German Shepherd weighs between 50 and 80 pounds and is 21 to 26 inches when full grown. It also has an average life span of 8 to 10 years.

This breed is a popular choice for search and rescue animals, police dogs and watch dogs. One reason why is a German Shepherd is a highly intelligent dog. They are easy to train and are highly active dogs. When a German Shepherd is brought into a home, it will form a protective bond with children and will be loyal to the family it is tasked with guarding.

Belgian Tervuren

Photo by sannse at the City of Birmingham Championship Dog Show, 30th August 2003. Transferred from en.wikipedia

Also called a Belgian Shepherd Dog, Belgian Tervurens are a high energy breed. This dog originated in Belgium and is distinguished by a thick shaggy coat. A typical Belgian Tervuren weighs between 55 to 65 pounds and is 22 to 26 inches when it’s full grown. Their average lifespan is 10 to 12 years.

Belgian Tervurens make good guard dogs because they are highly alert. They pay attention to the smallest details and can alert you immediately if something is amiss. Owning a Belgian Tervuren means you will get a large dose of daily exercise. This is an energetic breed that is prone to nervousness when kept in confined spaces for long periods. Taking them on walks and runs will help work out that nervous energy so they can be effective as guard dogs.

Doberman Pinscher

Source: Flickr

This breed is one of the first to come to mind when you think of guard dogs. Doberman Pinschers, similar to several other popular guard dog breeds, originated in Germany. A typical Doberman Pinscher weighs between 60 and 100 pounds and ranges from 25 to 28 inches when they are full grown. The average lifespan for this breed is 10 to 11 years.

Doberman Pinschers have short black and brown coats like Rottweilers. They are an athletic breed and easy to train in carrying out guard dogs duties. Loyalty and obedience are common characteristics for a Doberman Pinscher. This breed makes an excellent pet because they are highly protective of their owners and their homes.


Source: Wikimedia Commons

Being a guard dog in the Kuvasz’s blood. This breed was developed in ancient Hungary and tasked with guarding livestock. When a Kuvasz is full grown, it will weigh anywhere from 75 to 150 pounds and will be about 26 to 30 inches long. A typical Kuvasz has a lifespan of 10 to 12 years.

The Kuvasz are large and athletic dogs. They feature a distinctive white coat. A Kuvasz becomes attached to its owner from a young age, but requires extensive training and socializing to function well as a pet. These dogs are intelligent and protective. They can be trained to bark whenever something suspicious or potentially dangerous occurs.

Adopting a Guard Dog

If you decide to get a guard dog for your home or family, adopting one from your local animal shelter is the best way to go. These dogs need a home and you can save their lives by preventing them from being put to sleep in order to make room for other animals. Dogs adopted from a local shelter typically have been spayed or neutered and they are up-to-date on vaccinations and medical exams and can even save you money in the long run.

Owning a dog reduces stress and loneliness and it increases happiness for you and your family. There is nothing better you can do to improve your life and guarantee your safety.

Guest blogger Elspeth is a contributing author that loves dogs, cats, and pets of all sorts!  When she’s not writing about home security and guard dogs, she enjoys volunteering at animal shelters, drawing, painting, and photographing animals. 

What breeds would you add to this list? Has your dog ever scared away an intruder at your home?

Foster dog Charlie Machete thinks he’s a pretty good guardian of our yard. Check out his Adoptable profile. He is available through Midwest Adopt-a-Bull.

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