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A Reindog’s Christmas Wish

Charlie Machete is so excited for Christmas that this year he agreed to put on a special holiday costume.



Same as last year, all he wants for Christmas is a forever family of his own.

If you or anyone you know would like to adopt Charlie Machete, check out his profile at

Merry Christmas!

Mailbag Monday: Picture of a Pig

It’s that time of year again.

Every couple of days, there’s a festive note in my mailbox. I expect to see cute pictures of kids and hopefully some dogs in seasonal sweaters.

However, the first animal in a Santa hat to be delivered so far is Hoggy here:

holiday card from a pig

Hoggy is my cousin Sonya’s pot-bellied pig. Clearly, she has an affinity for short, heavy-bodied creatures that grunt a lot. She also has two English bulldogs, Weezer and Hellz Bellz.

Just like Hoggy apparently is, Weezer is a real party animal.

There’s a real cute video of Hoggy as a wee little thing pushing a basketball around my cousin’s yard. Unfortunately, Facebook wouldn’t let me share it.

You can get the general idea from this video. Just imagine a baby pig doing the same thing.

I hope to mail holiday greetings to my friends and family, but I’m afraid (like usual) I will run out of time.

Are you sending out holiday cards this year?

Holiday Dog Date

We haven’t yet begun decorating our house for the holidays. But last Saturday, Scooby and I went on a tree-decorating date.

small dog with christmas tree

We didn’t tell Luke the date was with his sweetheart, former foster dog Minnie.

He doesn’t like it when others move in on his girl.

husky mix near christmas tree

She still loves belly rubs.

Minnie was happy to see her old friend Scooby, even though he leaked on the rug within five minutes of arriving.

He didn’t seem as embarrassed as I did 10 minutes later when I knocked over a wine glass. (For the record, it was my first glass of the evening.)

miniature pinscher under a blanket

Can’t promise it won’t happen again.

Lucky for us both, Minnie and her mama Holly are laid back, easygoing folks. They had recently entertained another canine houseguest – Minnie’s new cousin dog, a one-eyed Great Dane puppy named Baby.

I had a great time helping Holly decide where to put all of the pretty birds and other creature ornaments she bought for her tree.

christmas ornaments

In the end, the tree looked great, especially with the dogs in front of it.

dogs in front of xmas tree

What kind of holiday preparations happen at your house?

dog christmas meme

Do not actually give a dog egg nog.

I’m taking part in BlogHer’s December 2012 NaBloPoMo blogging challenge!

NaBloPoMo December 2012

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