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This is What Saturday Morning Looks Like

“Do you think we can get them to bring us breakfast-on-couch?”

miniature pinscher and black lab mix snuggle

Scooby and Charlie Machete hope your final weekend of 2012 is starting off this comfortably.

If you would like to incorporate snuggling with Charlie Machete into your Saturday morning routine, check out his Midwest Adopt-a-Bull profile!

How will you and your dogs spend the last days of the year?

From foes to bros

Wayward House is full of dudes.

There’s also this guy:


Everyone hasn’t always gotten along.

That little one can be very possessive of his mama. And he does get the bragging rights, having been with me longer than any of the other dudes.

Truthfully, Scooby still likes to bite someone (ahem, Charlie Machete) in the face for encroaching on the mama territory or getting too close to where treats may be distributed.

Luckily, Charlie Machete seems to respect his elderpin.


Our real concern has always been the vibe between the big boys.

We used to think Luke hated Charlie Machete.

But now they do this:


How does your pack get along?

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