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Kansas City’s MOSH Pit for Dogs

This is PJ. And a pit bull named Mambo.
mosh pit KC founder PJ Ruth
PJ and I have never met in person. But we have a lot of key things in common. We both live in Kansas City. We have both kicked around the local music scene. And we both love dogs.

Last September, PJ founded MOSH Pit KC, a fundraising organization dedicated to helping pit bulls – and the other groups that help them – in our area. The following words are hers (with some prompts from me).

There’s a great story about when I was born, and I think this is part of the reason for my love of animals.

My father was in the Navy and the cost of my birth at the Naval Hospital was about $11. My family had a cat who was also pregnant at the same time. She was in distress and required an emergency c-section which cost almost $200 back in 1972. So you can see that I come from a long line of animal lovers.

After 20 years, I left animal care full time about 4 ½ year ago and I greatly miss it.

I have a special love for pit bulls.

I was basically raised around pit bulls- almost all of my family owns at least one. They are very misunderstood breed. I currently have 2 pits in my house and I trust them more with my 3-year-old son than I do my toy poodles.

pj - hina and sid

As we all know, the shelters are overrun by pit bull and pit bull mixes- all the rescues are full and there are simply not enough homes for them. Breed Specific Bans around the KC area is also not helping the situation.

That’s why we started MOSH Pit KC.

We basically host fundraising events to raise money- that money is then available to anyone that needs help with a pit or pit mix (of course this is subject to funds being available).

We also help network pits that need homes and we offer to pay for any medical expenses or food expenses to foster a pit in an approved foster home. We work with every group that wants and needs our help.

My proudest moment so far:

That would probably be the video I did for Kansas City Pet Project - marketing the 101 pit bull and pit type dogs in their system. They had over 750 views within 24 hours and received 2 news interviews about the pits.

I was also involved with making a video for Spay and Neuter KC video about their TLC program.

Tags, license, and microchips are soooo important! And of course spay/neutering.

The funny thing is one of my dogs got out one time almost exactly how the video went- thank goodness he was very old and slow, so we were able to catch up with him.

With a 3-year-old in the house, there’s always a risk that he will open the front door and one of the dogs will bolt out. We have everyone microchipped, licensed, tagged and spay/neutered, of course. I even go as far as to say on the tags “reward if returned.”

MOSH Pit’s next fundraising event happens on Monday, February 11.

mosh pit poster

For more information, check out MOSH Pit’s Facebook page.

As seen in the Wayward Dogs’ Valentine’s Day Gift Guide, MOSH Pit KC also has some really cool t-shirts available. To order, email and either send a check or use paypal. Shirts are $15. 

Kansas City dogs who need help

My inbox and Facebook stream is always teeming with dogs in need. The past few days, however, a few special cases have really stuck out.

The dog with a wounded lip

rott bull with injured lip

I bet she still has a sweet smile.

This brindle, female possible rottweiler pit bull mix (rott bull?) was found wandering the streets in the Ruskin Heights neighborhood of Kansas City. A volunteer from Midwest Adopt-a-Bull caught her and says the dog is sweet and scared. Who knows what happened to her messed up lip. She needs a foster home.

Pit bull in KCK

pit bull terrier

This dog is not allowed in the municipality where he was dumped.

A commenter alerted me to this pit bull that she has temporarily taken in even though the area of Kansas City where she lives does not allow this type of dog. She is desperately hoping to get him placed in a foster or forever home ASAP. Someone in her neighborhood tried to shoot him, however, she reports that the dog is housetrained and does OK with her other dog.


beagle husky mix

What beautiful eyes she has.

This gorgeous girls has eyes like my former foster dog Minnie. She even has a similar name. Mia is in need of a new home because her family cannot take her with them when they move to a different state later this month. Mia is a beagle/husky mix. She is energetic and somewhat independent and catlike. Just look at that face.

If you or anyone you know may be interested in helping any of these dogs, please leave a comment and I will get you in touch with the right people. Please also share their faces on social media.

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