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While He Was Sleeping

It’s the end of the weekend, and I can’t wait to be in this state:

sleeping miniature pinscher
As usual, Scooby the elderpin got a lot of zzz’s in this weekend.

The little old guy has earned the right to rest (and, apparently, pee) whenever he darn well pleases.

This also provides me ample opportunities to photograph him looking extra adorable. Case in point:

sleeping miniature pinscher

Sometimes, the snaggletoothed little fellow looks a little silly.

sleeping scooby 3

But even in his sleep, the elderpin always wears his little Scooby smile.

sleeping scooby 4

And now, it’s time for me to follow the elderpin’s lead. Good night, friends!

I know you all take pictures of your super cute dogs while they are sleeping, too. I’d love to see them, so head on over to the Wayward Dogs page on Facebook and share!

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Big Dog Bedhog


There are four dog beds in our living room. This golden retriever likes to sleep on them all.

At the same time.


Is there a canine bedhog in your house?

Sleeping Dogs

The Wayward World is full of excitement these days!

Although I can’t yet tell you about all of it, I look forward to doing so. In the meantime, the mood is extra busy, busy, busy!

But even amidst all the hubbub, some members of the Wayward House still find time for this:

Charlie Machete in a laundry basket

How does he fit in there?


Adequate rest is one of Scooby’s house rules, especially when he’s wearing a monster jacket.

Come back tomorrow for a review of another dog jacket – Luke and Charlie Machete’s thunder jacket for dogs by Thundershirt.

In the meantime, I hope you are all as well-rested as my dogs!

What are you up to this weekend?

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